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About Oonagh

My Story

I'm British, based in New HampshireI have a Culinary Arts degree and trained in London and Switzerland.  I have always cooked from scratch with real ingredients so it was easier when my son was diagnosed in 2008 with Celiac Disease with no previous symptoms.  With a Mother's guilt trip I started to bake gluten free since most real food is naturally gluten free and free of many other food allergens, until the manufacturers mess around with it and only baking really needs to be adapted.


I was a regular featured chef on NH's ABC WMUR Cooks Corner for many years.  Now I appear with either naturally gluten free dishes, or adapted to be gluten free.  And it's normally something baked since that's what everyone misses.


I have written a monthly recipe column for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (now since January 2011.


My original blood tests said I had no problem with gluten.  However when I spoke at the 40th Annual Gluten Intolerance Group Conference in Atlanta Georgia in 2014 and admitted I cheated by stealing a French Fry from a friend's plate or teaspoon of dessert, I was reminded if I had celiac disease I was harming myself. My physical the next month, genetic test for celiac disease was positive and I was told with my sensitivity don't even think about doing the gluten challenge.  I have a degree of lactose intolerance, I can't eat even certified gluten free oats and have to avoid bananas and peanut butter since they all cause inflammation.


So now I now help people with other food allergies since I live a food allergy life on a daily basis.  With my food background this means I am far more aware of foods, brands that are safe, real food, how to cook, how to read labels, latest research.






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