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In response to the reviews of my workshop for DHHS.

Congratulations, Oonagh.  Of course, I am not surprised that you received this recognition.



I was honored and humbled to receive these reviews and thanks from DHHS for my talk at NH DHHS Family Support conference.

"Based on the conference evaluation forms received, your session received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and it is clear that this was another highly successful Family Support Conference and your participation in the conference contributed greatly to its success.

Here are the comments made regarding your workshop:

· Excellent. I learned a lot from Oonagh and felt like finally I wasn't the only one with her opinions of GG & what doctors know about it.
· It was very informative and inspiring. Oonagh Williams was very funny, knowledgeable and down-to-earth person.
· Learned a lot from her.
· Excellent. Learned so much!
· Different topic than I've seen before. Well done!
· Excellent topic, definitely have more food related speakers in the future. Food plays such an important role in our health and well-being.
· She was very knowledgeable, kept your attention and very informative.
· Great lady. She gets it.
· Love on line handout link with the information! Less paper!

Again, thank you for giving your time and being a part of the 2018 Conference.

DHHS NH Family Support Conference

Thanks and Reviews from my 90 minute workshop

Thank you so much for all your help in making our event very special. Your talent in the kitchen is amazing.



Executive Director, New England Celiac Organization, now National Celiac

I am so excited for this one! The small slice you gave me was delightful.

Ashley A

After eating and receiving my chocolate almond raspberry tart recipe.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Armchair Travel Series event on January 30, 2018 at the Merrimack Public Library where you showed us Lithuania. Your slides were great, letting us see the people and the landscape. Your food, as always was very enticing. Lithuania is a part of the world I knew very little about, but feel now that I have more knowledge of it and will do more research on my own. Your exuberance and humor always adds to any presentation you give and this was no exception.

Janet A

Retired Library Director

I also appreciate your posts about items at Market Basket .  Thank you for all that you do 

Issy K

My regular posts on gf in market

It has been such a pleasure to meet you - Thank you for coming and speaking at this event for us. Until we meet again in Fargo. Smiley face.


Event organizer

THANK YOU….perfect timing for my birthday!!

You are spoiling me!! Thank you so much…delish!

Jamie Staton

After appearance on WMUR TV

My Favorite Cook on Cook's Corner!

We love you and your Fabulous Food!

Steve Cooper

After appearance on WMUR TV

This sounds amazing and is a no fussy recipe which I love! 

Laurene A

My recipe for carrot ginger soup with red lentils for protein.

It was a fun night. Everything was delicious especially the almond cake. Can’t wait to get recipe. Great seeing you again.

Maureen D

After My Armchair Travel Lithuania, photos, talk and gluten free Lithuanian buffet

your gluten free recipes are delicious

Bonnie B

After appearance on WMUR TV

As usual, everything on your menu sounds delicious!

Pam G

Planning 94th birthday party menu

Btw, this is amazing! It has become a new, family favorite!

Heather W

After making my Sicilian Soup

I absolutely love this Oonagh, thank you for the recipe…we will be making this soon! (I’m just not going to the store today, that place will be packed!)

Kevin S

I made my sausage cornbread stuffing vegetarian and gave it to him after makng sausage stuffing on WMUR C

funny, warm and generous all with a lovely British accent

Attendee at demo

Oonagh charms us again

I appreciate these posts - after I did my regular posting of what food I've bought this week, price, gluten free.

Nan G

Comment on fb

I enjoy them as well and watch you on WMUR - after I did my regular posting of what food I've bought this week, price, gluten free.

Louise H

Comment on fb

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