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Demystifying, Educating and Sharing Practical Advice for Food Allergies

With Chef Oonagh Williams, National Speaker and Food Allergy Coach

Great Experience For All

1. A great experience on stage

I've presented to audiences both large and small in a variety of different settings and contexts. I'm a passionate advocate for allergy safe food and live gluten free every day. I will use the latest research and my extensive practical food knowledge together with a little humor to keep your audience engaged and listening. They will leave with practical applicable steps to take with them beyond that session.


2. A great experience off stage

We know as a conference planner there are a lot of details for you to manage and juggle. The speaker should be the last of your concerns. I've worked with many event planners and am regularly told that we were the easiest/low maintenance speakers they've worked with.

Popular Talks

My well regarded talks are known for being informative, interactive and fun. I am believed as I am credible, down to earth, practical and budget conscious. The talks are supported with a graphic PowerPoint presentations and available handouts.

Most Requested Topics

The Power of Food

Best Medicine, Worst Poison


This covers food choices, trans fats, GMOs, FDA nutritional labeling, how much sugar is too much sugar, EWG findings and more.

How To Cook, So They Will Eat

This talk gives ideas for better choices and also includes highlights from my Power of Food presentation.

Gluten Free and

Other Food Allergies

A guide for restaurants and food producers on how to cater for the rapidly growing market of those with food allergies and dietary preferences. Providing allergen free food safely can create customer loyalty and lead to increased sales.

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