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Buffet served that evening  

Homemade Tomato relish

Different relishes or chutneys are served with Bobotie


A cross between shepherds pie and Moussaka - Angus beef with very mild curry spices, sweet spices, onions, garlic, apple, apricot and golden raisins topped with a creamy egg custard.

Yellow rice

With golden raisins, turmeric, cinnamon,

butter and honey.

Cooked Beets

With honey butter pecans and herb vinaigrette

Malva pudding cake

Similar to a gold cake, cooked and then saturated in buttery, creamy sweet sauce.

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Unsolicited praise for the South Africa presentation

"Hello Oonagh!

That was an amazing night at the Merrimack Library!!!

I enjoyed your & Ken's presentation with those extraordinarily photos/video that made South African animals become alive, and of course, amazing scenery & sunsets.

What an ending! The celebration of those delicious South African savory & dessert dishes was fantastic. The rice dish was to die for. I NEED to make it soon.

Thank you so much for all the preparations, presentation, culinary experience, and extensive recipes with detailed descriptions. I feel so pampered."

"The photos were beautiful and the food delicious!"

"Had so much fun this evening at our own local library - which hosted multi-talented chef Oonagh Williams in an armchair travel series to South Africa. Her husband Ken did all the fabulous photography - I learned so much. The evening was topped off with several samples of the region's specialties - so good - and - I did not spend a dime on airfare nor sit in an airplane for 18 hours! Thank you Oonagh and Ken for a delightful evening - sharing your passion for travel - you are both gracious hosts!"

"Dear Oonagh,
What a wonderful presentation in Merrimack Wed. Nite, and your food is fabulous. Do you know if you'll be doing this presentation again? I would love to have others see it. It was so great.
Thanks again for a very entertaining nite!"


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